Online marketplaces for computer generated 3D models

by Volker
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

3D Mart will create and operate online marketplaces for computer generated 3D models which are offered in various file formats through website interfaces in multiple languages (English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French in Phase 1). It is important to point out, that we own one of the largest industry libraries with over 53,000 high-end 3D models which will be used as the foundation of 3D Mart.

Key points:
·Motivated and highly skilled team
·Own industry leading 3D library of over 53,000 high-end 3D models
·Attractive 3D Model market is growing from $ 3.7 B in 2018 to expected $8.8 B in 2020 at estimated 55% CAGR
·Recurring business model for 3D Mart blended over multiple geographic regions with very attractive margins

Please review attached investor summary.

We are looking to Angel investor(s) that would ultimately benefit the Company while allowing us to have a well-rounded group of investors.

In case of any interest, we can always jump on the call or send you additional information.

Please contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website, mention: "Online marketplaces for computer generated 3D models."

Thank you very much for your time.

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