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by sidharth

About Us

OkOkYaYa started out as a breakdown of different websites joined together - there were 4 different websites that were merged into one website called OkOkYaYa. We've been managing the website for over a year now. We - Supriya, Rohit and I (Sid) work together at Amazon, helping Amazon.com and Amazon.ca customers.

We've been here since more than 1 year. I started this website a little while after joining Amazon and have done my best to maintain it by recieving kind help from friends.

OkOkYaYa ?

The name of the website was born while conversing with a teenager half of my age. He went on saying "Ok Ok" and "Ya Ya" in regular intervals (much to my irritation) and little did I know, I'd use the words to make up my website. Strange enough but true.

Posts available on the website are contributions by friends from different walks of life who have been very kind and supportive, however, I'd love to pay them and also hire other writers; help increase employment.
What We Need & What You Get

The funds we receive will go towards buying computers, hiring writers, registering the company and finally, to help the website reach out to the world through words and a good web-designer.

Our uniqueness lies in the freshness of our articles. We regularly focus on what readers would like and hence, would not believe in deleting comments. It will help us understand our readers. Further to this, we'll have an option where people will be able to work with us as freelancers. They'll be paid on per article basis after approval. This will be for people globally and will help support students as well.
Whatever funds we acquire, will go in development of the website and we would not mind releasing our expenditure report quarterly. Even if we do not meet our goals, we'll do our best and keep the website running. A strong start is all we need from you.

Break-down of Funds:

8 Computers : $3200.00 = $400.00 each

Hiring 4 Writers : $250/month/writer = $1000/month

Company Registration : $200.00

Website Designing and SEO : $600.00 + monthly SEO charges.

Misc : $150/month

The Impact

Every penny we receive will help in building the website. It will help the people of a region know about the people in another region. If we grow big, we'll ensure people too grow with us.

We'll mostly start earning from the third month of our existence and that is the reason we need a strong head-start from you.

Thanks a lot.

And there is a lot more to it.

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