Oil Refining and Transport Project needs funding of 50 m US$ for 15 months. ROI 6% up to 12% per Month

by Klaus Ernst

Project requires an initial investment of 50'000'000 US$.

20m can be minimum amount because of pipeline transport
100m can be maximum due to refinery linitations

Investment cycle is 15 months. Expected return on investment (ROI) will be 5 to 12 % per month after tax. Profits are paid out on a monthly base. Investment will be used to buy crude oil, transport it to a refinery, buy transport insurance and sell all finished goods after refining. It might be possible to achieve a higher ROI. Market place is central Europe.
Investor will have majority in the company and has control. Please send email to business@email-ernst.de for detailled information.

Please read carefully our rules:

1. We do not pay any upfront
2. We are looking for a direct investor with direct contact
3. Agents are welcome but no fees or commissons BEFORE investment is in our account, profit sharing can be negotiated
4. Financing only welcome if ALL fees are done from the financing amount.

We have an amazing profitable project and we will strictly follow our rules.

Klaus Ernst

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