No-Wind Windmill: Works with or without wind!

by Joseph Chiang
(Tolna, ND)

24/7 reliable renewable energy without batteries.

Problem: When the wind isn’t blowing and/or the sun isn’t shining, there is no power. But when people turn their electric switches on, they expect it to work. Electric suppliers must have 24/7 reliable power and because alternative power is not reliable, they would just as soon not bother with it except for regulations requiring them to.

Solution: I have developed a way to provide 24/7 alternative power using wind and methane. Methane makes up the difference when wind is not adequate. But methane from sewers and septic systems is so small that wind energy must be improved. I have a new wind blade configuration that improves wind collection 400%. As a result, alternative power could be available in 80% of the country instead of the 20% currently available for wind. In addition my concept is scalable from 5 KW to 2 GW and only 15 feet high at the hub.

Buyer ROI: Buyers will be interested in ROI. At $20,000 installed, and $200 per month in saved electric payments, ROI is 100 months or 8 years. But excess power can be sold to the Grid making the ROI time even less, perhaps as little as 5 years. Is there anyone who would like free electric after 5-8 years?

Need: I need help producing a prototype. After I have a prototype, there are lots of funds available. I am trying to raise funds through crowdfunding at the following site:

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