Non-for-profit STEM school is seeking funding to build an innovative Learning Lab environment for elementary children

by Anetrise Jones
(Belleville, Illinois US)

My name is Mrs. Anetrise Jones and I am the Founder of Elite Scholars STEAM Academy (ESSA), a nonprofit private school located in the City of Belleville, Il. ESSA was developed out of my desire to help students struggling with reading and mathematics at the elementary level, achieve academic success. In 2013, with the support of my husband, two children and family, I launched this State of the Art exciting and innovative educational facility committed to providing tireless service helping children meet and exceed grade level standards. Currently, we are serving students in the St. Louis Metro East area in grades Pre-K thru 6th, adding a grade each year until we reach our 8th Grade goal. During this ‘incubation stage’ of our development, we are reaching out to the community for funding capital and resources to expand our service and propel us forward, making it possible to reach our full potential and build a state of the art STEAM school that will be first-of-its-kind

The proposed budget of $1,453,200 identifies funds for each Learning Lab, staff and facility costs, equipment, software, and additional hardware needs. This will enable our school to offer a fully functional multimedia-learning environment for grades PK-8th, which fosters an individualized approach using a school model with unconventional educational experiences for children. This funding will set the pace for a new way of instructing learners with ESSA (

Too many times, I have seen children suffer at the hands of ineffective leadership and I am saying “No More!” Therefore, it is our belief here at ESSA that something in this piece of communication will impress upon you to make a contribution and share your “champion” story supporting long overdue hope for children with this innovative initiative. Many parents who bear the traditional methods of teaching and learning need to know we exist and are ready to serve them. Help us trailblaze through barriers by giving to the next generation of 21st-century learners. Serving students are our purpose and we appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to read and respond to this proposal. If you should require any further information or would like to set up a time to meet, I am at your service. Please contact me if a private partner is interested.
Respectfully submitted,

Mrs. Anetrise Jones, M.A.T.
Head of School

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website. Thanks.

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