New TECHNOLOGY For Serial Lux Cars

by Dmytry Locarev
(Kirovograd, Ukraine)

New technology for cars - a new suspension that gives the car a new property. Now rotation will be performed faster, while the car will have improved stability.

Watch video:

The new suspension has new struts that will replace the existing pneumatic struts and reactive spring+damper.
The new suspension, give the car a new property driving. Turns to be more confident, as contact patch will have the highest degree of contact with the road.
In rotation the body roll will have the opposite direction. This shifts the center of mass in the direction of rotation. Existing cars do not possess such a property.
The new suspension provides quick overtaking maneuver, without rocking body and the car skids. Watch the video - it will give more information.
For every investor - the maximum term of participation in the project up to three years. For every investor, the maximum period of participation in the project, up to three years after the profit.
Required investment $7million - received the investor's profit $11million per 3 years.

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