New Technologies Wireless Monitoring Start-Up

by Manuel Barragan
(Madrid, Spain)



After more than 20 years working in my own company developing my machines for collaborating in civil works, I had to shut down 4 years ago because in Spain the construction market simply disappeared. But this is another, and sad story. In spite of being civil engineer I've been in touch with electronics and automatic technologies for 10 years and its application on machinery design. Due to this fact, three years ago I started to work in a new challenge. I found out a market niche (or at least I'm sure about that). That is to put within reach of small or medium size companies these technologies, which otherwise used to be expensive and complicated if you do not have technical skills.
Then I started to develop a wireless monitoring system. A year ago I needed a partner for making the hardware. I met a Slovenian electronic engineer who believed in my project, and we have been working together since then.
Now, we have developed a very versatile monitoring system. I know that this way it sounds pretty abstract. That is the secret. We can use the system in any facility and in any business.
So far I have found a couple of application fields. One of those is the industrial green houses. Please search on google maps, Almeria (Spain), using satellite view. A few kilometres to the west you will find a kind of white shadow (if you can't, please let me know, because it is important to understand what I am talking about). All of those are green houses. I have been in touch with some people there, and in fact I have a couple of our system installed in there.
If you think this business could be interesting for your consideration or you have any questions, please let me know.

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