1.Tell us briefly about your organization. How did you start? What was your inspiration?

A) My organization is mikhail agro farms pvt ltd . I am having ten years experience in live stock ie. Sheep goat farming ,dairy farming and poultry etc .I am very much interested in this field and have vast experience

2.Explain the problem you are trying to solve ?How is it affecting the society? Give facts and information about your cause.

A) I want to expand and established and develop the farm . I only need funding support like donation like crowd funding venture fund investment .This is a 100% profitable business

3.Pitch your solution .What is your solution to solve this problem?

A)The only solution is to do the business on commercial basis by extending number of animals, it has a high demand of the product like milk, meat ,eggs etc daily use..

4. How many people will be positively impacted and in what way?

A) If i get support from crowd funding i will increase the worker also up to ten pairs couple at present one couple is looking after farm, on monthly salary

5. Discuss your fund utilization. How will you use the money raised? Give the distribution

A) For shed, Chopper machine, purchase of animals like buffaloes sheep and goats country hens including life insurance of animals etc..

dear sir / madam , I am sending details of 1st director and 2nd director pan card ,address proof, id proof, bank statement ,company R.O.C , company pan card and M.O.A (memorandum of article) I want to startup dairy farming business in Hyderabad i have seen lease land in Hyderabad I need 20 lacks INR working capital business loan or venture fund investment we are not having IT returns . we will pay back working capital in 3 years or we give good returns to investor 24% pa

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