NEW ROOF HYBRID solar tile: a roofing element with electric and thermal energy cogeneration system on the place of demand.

by Enzo Coduri
(Sondrio ITALIA)



PICTURE 1 PICTURE 2 installation NEW ROOF photovoltaic -hybrid installation NEW ROOF  thermal

THE NEW ROOF SOLAR TILE ( thermal-photovoltaic and hybrid) has been conceived and created by TEGOLA SOLARE NEW ROOF s.r.l.- ENERGIE s.r.l.- ELLETIEMME S.R.L. which was founded in By Enzo Coduri and Ing.. Matteo Martinucci . They are both technicians with different but synergic experiences, united by their passion for alternative energy, curiosity and willingness to experiment and get in the game.
For a lot of years they have been trying to make a contribution in the field of solar energy and to dedicate to the construction of solar panels and to the assembly of the first photovoltaic panels offered by the market.
NEW ROOF HYBRID solar tile: a roofing element with electric and thermal energy cogeneration system on the place of demand, in symbiotic harmony with urban landscape architecture; The solar energy is exploited to produce electric energy by photovoltaic panels and hot water by solar panels.
Nowadays there are 2 products with 2 different technologies to exploit the solar energy: the photovoltaic panels for the production of electric energy and the thermal solar panels for the production of hot water. They are very different in shape, color, size, weight and way of assembly and are very seldom considered as complementary technologies.
The concept of architectural integration of these 2 solutions being used at the same time, has never been taken into consideration.
At present the 2 solutions are proposed with architectural integration but they have no aesthetically homogeneity. We propose to the solar Energy marked THE NEW ROOF HYBRID SOLAR TILE
A radical innovation in an international context
A roofing element with solar thermal and photovoltaic generator - all in one
A common unique solution for architectural integration, producing thermal and electric energy on the place of demand, in symbiotic harmony with urban landscape architecture
The production of electric energy from photovoltaic source generates considerable increase of the temperature of the panel. When the photovoltaic panel is working, the cells’ temperature can pass 60° with an efficiency loss of about 10%. NEWROOF hybrid solar tile uses the high temperature of the working photovoltaic panel:
a heat-sink absorbs the heat from the back of the photovoltaic cells and conveys it to the thermo-vector fluid in a hydraulic circuit that gets hot, and in a forced recirculation circuit that brings the heat into an electric storage. The hybrid solar tile works as the tile and the traditional thermal solar systems.
The nEwROOF hybrid version is much more innovative: the photovoltaic laminate e.v.a. film is encapsulated in an aluminum heat-sink plate during its manufacturing process. This triple e.v.a. film prevents from a further bonding of the traditional laminate heat-sink, improving its heat exchanging efficiency and reducing assembly time.
For the near future we are also studying a new version of our NEWROOF hybrid in collaboration with a company involved in the resin products. In this version the lamination of the photovoltaic cells with the triple e.v.a. will be replaced by transparent polyurethane directly on the cells inside the frame.


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