NeighborhoodUSA - where every day is Small Business Day

by Rick Dettwyler
(New York, NY)


There is nothing new in online advertising. As the economy gets better, SMBs will be looking to attract new customers and encouraging existing ones to come back. What will they do? They can buy more ad words on Google? They can hire SEO and SEM experts, who cost a lot of money, and SMBs really don't understand what they do, but they think they need help. Perhaps take out another ad in a Yellow Pages book: an ad the size of a dollar bill, in black and yellow, will cost $700/year, is not interactive and can only be updated once per year. Maybe they will spring for expensive to make and expensive to run, local cable TV ads. These are old advertising techniques. Where is the new, new thing?

It's right here in, where every day is Small Business Day. Not just one or two Saturdays a year, but every day! We are the first to organize the entire country under one banner. We will list all (or nearly all) businesses, community groups, schools and local government offices, for free. So, how do we make money? The old-fashioned way - one customer at a time.

Premium Listings. Listings are arranged in categories, broad categories that make it easy to find whatever you are looking for, like Dining & Hospitality, Sports & Recreation, Entertainment and the Arts, Professional Services .... If you want placement of your listing at the top of a category, with a link to your website, the cost is $29.95/month or $300/year. Listings are arranged both alphabetically and by business category, so you pick how you want to see the content, and the view can be changed when you want to.

How much money is this worth? Let's look at the most-recent statistics from the US Census:

The Rogers Adoption Curve shows the two, most-important categories of likely customers, which are the Innovators (2.5% of the curve) and Early Adopters (12.5% - 13.5%), for a total of 15%-16% of likely customers. Census reports, as you have seen, that there are approximately 30,000,000 businesses in the US. The Innovators are the ones who Have to Have the latest and greatest, and the Early Adopters are next line. 15% of 30,000,000 * $300/year = a whole lot of money. If we reduce the number by 10, then 1.5% * 30MM * $300/year = still a whole lot of money.

Ask for my pitch deck, ES and/or BP.

Thank you,
Rick Dettwyler

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