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GSM Recharge card is one of the fastest selling GSM products in the country with only Six Telecommunication networks such as: AIRTEL, MTN, TIGO, VODAFONE, EXPRESSO, GLOBACOM, with over 20 million mobile phone users and daily sales of about GHC120.000 Which is approximately ($100,000) worth of recharge cards. An average Ghanaian spends about GHC150 approximately ($60) monthly on GSM calls, That means averagely Ghanaians spends over $90 million monthly on recharge cards. But with new subscribers that would buy telephone this year, the amount to be spent might describe. However, this is my conservative analysis, Forecast for recharge card sales in previous years.

Amazing opportunities exist in the GSM industry considering that over 20 million Ghanaian's struggle to buy GSM products as if their whole life now depends on it. Recharge card is one GSM product that every GSM user has not been able to live without.
The market for calling Cards is so huge and very lucrative. The first to take the initiative is always the king in this business.


Gsm recharge card sales is a the prepaid telecoms product industry engaging in mass distribution of recharge cards, which is built on a foundation provided by many years in the distribution industry, located in Accra, Ghana. The business over the last few years thrives on volumes and gives one of the fastest turnovers. It is a business with established retail distribution channels, and service providers that want to diversify their revenue streams.
The major reason behind my desire to establish the business is that I spent some years studying mass distribution of Gsm calling cards and during this period i decided for the future sustainability of my lifestyle, I needed flexibility and the opportunity to control in this market.

Executive Summary

Gsm recharge card sales is a business providing full service distribution of calling card, specialty in mass distribution of Gsm calling card to retailers throughout the Accra market.
Distinguishing characteristics of my business will be the combination of management experience, sales and distribution experience and exceptional customer service.

. 100% Products are given for the money
. Frequent supplies for Retailers
. Acquiring bigger cycle of customers
. Efficient Management with over 3 years of experience
. Disciplined enough not to use the recharge credits for personal use.

Sales projections for distribution are estimated to begin at approximately $5000 the first year, increasing to approximately $7,524 in Year 2 and approximately $9,360 in Year 3.
i have been running the card distribution business for few years and i am totally confident about the excellent future of the business, if more capital is invested.

Here in Ghana people buy calling cards everyday, it's a business that never flops, the more capital you have the more profit you make. this is a very stable business with a reasonable profit.


I intend to become a recognized distributor of Gsm calling cards throughout Accra and other cities, The plans to develop strong relationships with key customers so i will be viewed as indispensable partners, rather than just another supplier. i will work closely with each customer, appropriate stocking levels and pricing, as well as promotional ideas and material to increase sales. I will seek out and work with other large distributor i represent to deliver the most innovative and exciting products possible to the customers we serve. i am not only selling product, I'm also selling service.
Individualized customer service - providing customers with what they want, when and how they want it.

Total transparency. i make sure my customers understand the functions i fulfill as a service provider and the value i can add. This understanding will lead to a level of comfortability which will hopefully lead to a long and successful
relationship, To foster and nurture a beneficial long-term relationship that adds value to my customers without any contractual obligation.

The experience of the principal owner bring upper office management skills, high levels of customer service, and over 3 years in distribution and sales management.

Sales and marketing

The unique aspects of my business include individual product selection, full service distribution. my strategy is to focus 100% of my efforts on the market for card supplies in the city of Accra. By focusing all of my effort and energy on this particular area, i expect to quickly develop and maintain a leadership position. i stay in contact with all my customers, and will be able to respond to changes in this market much faster than any other competitors.

i offer the best, most highly personalized service in the marketplace. Being a small owner-operated company, i intend to use this to my advantage to be absolutely certain that every one of my customers receive excellent service. i go out of my way to make sure that my customers know that they truly matter to us, i deal with customers carefully and insuring that customers are always satisfied.

Because i am are a new distributor to other customers, i understand that i will have to prove our worth to my customers in order to earn their respect and business. i make personal calls on potential customers to review line of services, give general business information and discuss how i feel we can help them succeed in their business.

Distribution Strategy

Monopolize card sales using local distribution channels and employing about young staffs to run the distribution network every morning, that would enable us to gain immediate access to majority of the potential customer base.
The marketing structure was built on reliance, efficiency and nobility for GSM phone booths operators. i realized that they spend money on transportation to get their Cards, nobody gives them bonus allowance and credit facilities to help uplift their businesses.
I intend to be the answer to the innate needs of these phone booth operators. First i took a survey of the number of phone booths operators in our host city. I discovered that there are over 700 phone booth operators in the host city. After taking the survey, i intend employ young staffs and give them bicycles to float the distribution.
They will take the cards to the door steps of almost every Phone boot operator in the city, so the retailer don’t have to move an inch to get their cards and also given them little credit facilities to help grow their business.

Distributing over 3,500 cards daily and appoints each worker to cover 50 booths daily, 10 workers can cover over 500 booths every morning, strategically routed to minimize travel time at no fuel cost, routes will be restructured to maintain maximum efficiency, i am sure Within a month, our daily card sales will rise to over 10,000 units.


Presently i have only two workers, who distribute the cards to local retailers with the company bicycles. As soon as the operation is expanded into other areas of the city, I will employ more contract workers as the level of work increases. Decisions on further employees/contractors will be made on the basis of actual financial results

Please do contact me if you are interested, for my full proposal as the site dose not allow much space.

Best Regards

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