Needing to find capital partners for real estate note business

by Academy Capital Group, Inc. Paul Savio
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Academy Capital Group, Inc., is a company that is seeking to purchase “Mortgage Notes” from financial institutions, individual investors, and note holders that have done owner carry type of transactions. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Currently we are conduction business as “Note Brokers”. We help current note holders find investors that provide cash for the rights to receive payments. This is available on all types of mortgage notes.

We are looking for capital to begin to buy these notes and work with the homeowners that currently have notes classified as Non-Performing Notes. We will work with the homeowners to modify the note for not only a better opportunity to remain in their home, but also for a very favorable return on our investment.

We will purchase these notes in a Portfolio that is presented from many different types of investors. We also will market to other “Note Brokers” for them to present the notes they are working with for us to purchase. Academy Capital Group does also market directly to note holders and this will also be continued as it does create a good return for us.

What makes Academy Capital Group different from most of the current companies that purchase notes is the fact we would rather try and work with the current homeowner to create a better payment plan for them to remain in their home. Currently most homeowners are frustrated that they seem to get the run around from banks or companies that currently own the notes. They wish to work some modification out but the process they currently face is not a favorable situation for them. Many have given up and some have even abandoned the home they were living in.

By allowing the homeowner to work directly with us at Academy Capital Group, we feel this will help them and also help us work to maintain home ownership. We have in place a process for this to be completed quickly and the return on the investment will be better then other types of note purchase.

The process will be approximately 45 to 60 days once the homeowner contacts us. Our plan is to service the note for a minimum of two years at which time we can sell the note now as a Performing Note. This will help us achieve a higher sales price.

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Joint Venture or Sale
by: Ally Cruz

Land Description

The Subject Property consists of a parcel of land. It consists of portion of Lot 2-C-5 and make up a total area of 7,673 square meters.

A) Situated at Bo. Takian now Beckel, Municipality of La Trinidad, Province of Benguet, Island of Luzon

B) The property is located 6 Kilometers away from the City Center of Baguio, known as the summer capital of the Philippines

Sale Price

Option 1: Purchase of the entire Subject Property. The asking price is $1,534,600.00 or approx. $200 per M2. The entire property is 7,673 M2

Option 2: Joint Venture where buyer will convert land to a residential resort. The asking price is $9,974,900 or approx. $1,300 per M2. The area is 7,673 M2

Contact 639151037866 or

Escrow and Closing

Earnest money in the amount of $300,000 will be deposited with a title company, as agreed upon by all parties, within 24 hours of the signing of the purchase agreement. All accrued interest on the funds will belong to the buyer. Buyer has 30 days to perform due diligence regarding a clean title and designated land use. At the end of 60 days, if the buyer is satisfied and finds no encumbrances, the earnest money becomes hard and seller has a right to these funds. If buyer has selected Option 1, close of escrow will take place within 7 days of the completion of the transfer title and taxes paid by the buyer. If the buyer selects Option 2, close of escrow will take place within 7 days of the date the escrow money becomes hard. Closing fees are to be paid by the buyer. It is estimated that closing costs will be approximately 5% of the selling price. All municipal and legal fees including property tax for selling and transferring of land title will be on the account of the buyer. All commissions will be paid out of the seller’s proceeds. The balance of the sales price, for both options, will be paid at close of escrow by wire transfer, to all designees, in the form of US dollars.

Contact 639151037866 or

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