Needing $25,000 Start up funding for "TASTE of PHILLY," Food Truck

by Philip Milnamow
(Boise, Idaho)

Needing $25,000 funding for a start up food truck that has an incredible menu of many Philly style foods. People here in Idaho are continuously telling me to open a place where people can have a Taste of Philly foods. True Philly foods, not like what they are getting here in Idaho. Since, I am from Philly and every time I cook for people, they love my food. It is nice to see so many people here are saying the same thing. I made a cake and fell into making their wedding cake.

My menu will have the real Philly cheesesteak and chicken steak, but will have a vegetarian dish whether an inside out pizza or fried Eggplant will get your salivary glands flowing.

If you are able to invest $25,000, you will get your money back plus profit in a short time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Call me,


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