Need Investors For Childrens Saturday Morning TV Music & Cartoon Show

Ringo Bangs For Bubblerock

Ringo Bangs For Bubblerock

Ringo Bangs For Bubblerock Children Love Their Bubblerock Dan Ban - Musician & Producer Bubblerock Investors

Need Investors For Childrens Saturday Morning TV Music & Cartoon Show

Hello My name is Dan Ban
I’m a music artist & TV producer.
I need investors for START UP capital ( 60 million dollars )
For childrens live rock’n’roll & cartoon TV series called Bubblerock.

I have a Bubblerock PDF File that contains info , budget ,
All music & TV & animation production companies and people
That are committed to the show and will hire them as soon as I get funding.
Contact me and I send it via e-mail.


This will be a 1 hour weekly series broadcasted
Saturday mornings and Sunday nights.
It's a rock'n'roll Bubblegum pop music show for
children and teens.
My original music by me Dan Ban ( 100 songs allready finished )
and oldies pop hits from the 50's,60's & 70's are done to
cartoon animation ( various styles , 2-d cel , 3-d models , like
Ranklyn Bass , stop motion and computer animation ) promos.
The animation will characterize Dan Ban and his co-musicians
and many of the pop oldies music acts of the 50's,60's & 70's.
Also there will be a seperate 10 minute cartoon that will
have the adventures of 2 music angels running a record store
and helping people with their angel powers.
Just picture the Beatles cartoons of the 60's with sing-a-longs.

Bubblerock will also show classic oldies 50's,60's & 70's pop
promos and T.V. performances.
They will be from the original master sources and redubbed
in CD quality sound , and many of the B&W clips will be

All promos will have a animated bouncing ball at the bottom
of the screen displaying the lyrics.
Many artist like The Beatles , The Monkees , Motown ,
British Inavasion , 50"s,60's & 70's Bubblegum artists ,
One hit wonders will be presented.

BubbleRock will also have Dan Ban
and many comedic D.J.s to present the songs
and do short comedy intros.

For the children we will also have great musical tributes
to the many cartoon characters to the past who will be
on the show with their costumes dancing and singing to
thier rockin hits.
Such characters as The Banana Splits , many Hana Barbara
characters , Yogi Bear , etc. and others like Popeye ,
Felix the Cat and of course The Archies.
We will also have young go go girls ( ages 6-8 ) dancing
with these cartoon characters.

Every week at the end of the show Dan Ban and his band
the OUTOFBODIES ( Me & new members ) will perform a live 6 minute performance
of rockin pop dance hits in front of dancing children.
This will be an incredible perfomance for the ends show.

Bubblerock will have total Beatles type of energy to it.
Just picture Hard Days Night , Yellow Submarine with
the comedy and musically flaire of The Beatles and Laurel & Hardy.

Dan Ban is himself a Beatle.
Dan & cast will have a fun time creating this show and
uplifting all the children on the planet , also the Adults too.

I have a Bubblerock Youtube channel.
The channel is mainly where I post all my videos I create for the show.
I have around 300 music and comedy videos.
This channel is only a starting ground.
My main goal of course is to broadcast the show on Major TV Networks.
I have around 500 subscribers and around 1 million views.
People love their Bubblerock.

My contact e-mail -

My Bubblerock Youtube channel -

My Bubblerock website -

My Facebook page -

Bubblerock Video Promo -

Hope to hear from all you investors.


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Producer of Bubblerock TV show
by: Dan Ban

This Dan Ban who posted the Ad for the Bubblerock show and needing 60 million dollars start up money for the TV series.

To all you investors out there , I need 4 million dollars right now to start pre-production so we can get the series going , the rest of the 60 million dollars can come later , I have people and companies to hire to do the pre-production.

E-mail me with quick repy.


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