Need $23,000 with 10% interest P&I returned in 30 days Guaranteed!!!

by Kat Green
(Albuquerque, NM)

Need to borrow $23,000 for Turn-Key, 7 yr. old Corporation with CFO that has
740+ Score. 10% P&I Returned in 30 days at first round of funding. 8 yr. old Corporation Credit Bldg. Company in Beverly Hills (Contract & PG insured)

Will consider part ownership in New Phonetics Educational Technology program as part of the deal. Up to 49%. Billion Dollar product. Rapid English Speaking English Immersion program Executive Summary/Pilot Study available by email attachment.

New Listing~ CORPORATION-ID#SBS7-INC -Date Started: 2007 this transportation services corporation is seasoned 7+ yrs. State: NEVADA- CFO/CREDIT PARTNER WITH 740+FICO SERVICES INCLUDED ($32,000.00 SAVINGS!) D&B LOW RISK PROFILE--Estimated Entity Credit Potential $250-$300,000.00+ Website: Yes - email address and registered domain name: Was $32k NOW, $23k

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