Nana Agyeman- Principal and co-founder

by Nana Agyeman
(New Jersey)

The Upsem Group, LLC. is a strategic consulting firm that helps business leaders design clear pathways to business growth and wealth creation in global markets. We are well versed in business consulting, leadership education, partnership building and financial accountability, among other practices, which ensure that our clients’ business interests are poised for growth.

We serve as co-builders, consultants, project facilitators, networkers and business opportunity matchmakers. We are an experienced skilled team with a wide network and vast business expertise. Our services and methodological approach will set up, or expand, your business in select African markets. Our professional network spans two continents. It draws on their expertise and resources to provide opportunities for wealth creation, growth and expansion.

We specialize in identifying business opportunities and bringing the people and organizations together that can effectively seize these opportunities. We support all phases of the process of seizing opportunities - from identifying the right partners, analyzing the relevant markets and their dynamics, to assisting in handling legal, practical and cultural aspects of setting up and running the business in select African markets. The Upsem Group provides clients with the expertise, knowledge, networks, and tools needed to compete, and succeed, on the global stage.

We currently have deals that need funding.

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