Multidisciplinary Hospital Chain in North India looking for Equity Investment

by Kinshuk Mishra
(Lucknow, India)

“India’s proportion of hospital beds to population is less than one third of the WHO norm. To achieve the norm India needs to add 100,000 beds for the next 30 years and about two third of these beds should come up in rural areas. If investments are not directed to make healthcare available, affordable and accessible to all, the increased consumption of healthcare would enhance the inequalities in India and eventually slow down growth”
- FICCI | Hosmac Joint Study

Our aim is to setup state of the art, 100 bed hospitals at tier II & tier III cities in India which will provide
• Multidisciplinary Health Care
• Geriatric Care
• Emergency Services
• Wellness Centre & Sports Rehab

Initially in the first 5 years we plan on creating
- Ten 100 bed hospitals
o 1000 hospital beds in 5 years between 2014-2018
o 200 beds every year
o 250 Geriatric Care Units in 5 years
o 50 Fully Equipped Ambulances & 100 Quick Response Teams in 5 years

We have secured 85% of Debt funding & are looking to raise 15% equity.

Overall Scenario
1. There is undersupply of quality healthcare in tier II & tier III cities which we are looking at to setup the hospitals
2. All of the cities listed above have nursing homes which mostly are family run units, which
i. Do not provide 24x7x365 services
ii. No emergency services at night
iii. Most are highly unreliable
iv. Unhygienic / maintain extremely poor standards of hygiene
3. Government run hospitals in all these cities are unhygienic, understaffed, under equipped & overflowing with red tape.
4. Almost no new Government hospital has come up in the cities selected or for that matter the entire belt selected.
5. Due to above mentioned reasons, a huge number of patients have no option but to travel to Delhi/NCR.
6. Geriatric Care - there is a large number of elderly people in these states whose children have migrated to other metro cities for better job prospects -
such seniors, though they have money, have no one to care for them – here the Geriatric Care Unit will come in, where we aim to provide care to the
elderly – from basic Medicare to permanent residences within the Hospital Campus – a retirement home in a hospital basically.
7. Emergency Services are almost nonexistent. There is acute shortage of emergency response teams who can reach the ill in time. Ambulances, if
available, are at a premium & mostly are basic vans which provide transport to a hospital they rarely have life saving equipment & trained personnel on

For detailed project information & further queries please feel free to email me at

Thank you for your time!

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