Modular breakwater-power

by Mykhailo Lytovchenko
(Dnipro, Ukraine)

The establishment of the industrial production of modular breakwaters-power plants for autonomous generating electricity and desalination of sea water.

In the segment of autonomous equipment for power generation and desalination of sea water there is no technical solution, while acceptable from an economic and environmental point of view. The burning of fossil fuels pollute the environment, the use of wind and solar power plants is costly to consumers and require much space.
This problem is particularly acute on the islands and coastal areas. The high price of fuel, difficulties with delivery and storage, lack of space for windmills and solar panels. Therefore, a number of developed European countries recognized the potential of wave energy conversion and formulated objectives and mechanisms to support the industry.

We have designed, manufactured and tested prototype devices to transform the energy of the sea and ocean waves. And we can say that our technology has several advantages over famous renewable energy segment solutions:
• High efficiency at any waves and survival in a storm
• Easy installation, easy maintenance, does not take place on land
• Protect coastlines from wave erosion and does not pollute the environment
• Looks quite aesthetically pleasing and not interfere with the development of tourism
During the three years work on the project we have spent more than 20k USD. And we are ready to create our own serial production: the patented technical solution, command, market knowledge, experience of manufacturing and prototype test results. In fact, we are ready to begin creation of the industrial design.

Nowadays we have agreement joint activities on the operation of our breakwaters-power plants. The total capacity of the equipment is not limited, nevertheless we want to begin from 50kW. This allow to produce 350 MWh of electricity and 60.000 m3 fresh water per a year.
For this project, we need an investment of 260k USD:
Stage1: 60k USD for making and testing of the industrial design (MPV)
Stage2: 200k USD for start of production and manufacture of modular breakwater-power plant a total installed capacity of 50kW
Annual productivity of the equipment:
•Electricity 350,000 kWh
•Fresh water 60,000 m3
Consequently, in the many islands of payback period of investment is not more 1 years.
And the most important: after such advertising our company for the year will be able to produce and sell 1.000 sets of such equipment with a profit of 100%. And this is already tens of millions of dollars!

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