by Sergey
(London )


I am looking for an investment in my start-up project.

The project is called MobyKid, it is a special service which aim is to help people to avoid the queues in the majority of the cafes and restaurants even global food chains like McDonalds, Subway, Starbucks etc. across the United Kingdom.

It is an application for mobile phones, which will allow people to book the table or set up a takeaway, browse the menu, place an order and make a payment. The meal will be prepared during the time it takes to walk to the restaurant and once the person who placed the order arrives at the place where he/she wants to eat, he/she will not stay in a long line but go directly to the booked table with ready foods or grab a takeaway meal.

I would like to present more information including data and investment return to the interested parties.

If you are interested please contact me by phone +7-777-684-49-91 or email

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Your idea is great
by: Marc H

Hi Sergei,

This is a great idea. Please be careful having your email address and phone number posted here. You will get contacted by many scammers trying to get fees from you. Check out the potential investors: look for a website, look for credentials, be very careful with investors with free email addresses... Serious investors or funds have corporate email addresses. At Business-Funding-Insider we check comments before publishing them. We delete thousands of comments all the time, be careful.

Good Luck,

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