Milk products and juice production

by Mohammed

Dear sir/ miss

I'm a doctor from Egypt who is fond of cattle raising , milk production and agricultural activities. I established my own farm years ago. Now I have a good herd. Here in Egypt, the local breeds of cows have a low genetic profile concerning milk production. I started a new herd consisting of Holestein breed which I imported through an agency here from Germany and Holand . I went through crossbreeding with semmintal and montbiliarde breeds. My herd now is considered a high profile herd. I established an automatic parlour and got big cooling tanks to produce high quality milk which is not touched by any person from the cow udder to the milk priducing factories .

Here in Egypt , as milk producers , we face many problems . The biggest is that the companies and factories which receive the milk from us to produce the end products are very unfair to us and control the market. Because here there is only one big company which monopolies the whole market. It controls the market and forces us under their terms and conditions. The other smaller companies can't do anything, moreover they exploit the situation to make more money.

The second and the most important problem is that the quality of the end product these companies offer to the market .. It is not acceptable and they gain unbelievable profits.

I have a Feasibility study for a project including a very big herd farm (for milk and meat production with heifers raising ) and a company (for milk end products production ) and juice production

The profit is very high and 100% guaranteed. I aim to produce healthy 100% organic products to save many people especially children health.

I have the land on which we can establish these . I own it. We can be partners, or receive funding considered as a loan. I have fixed assets and properties as a guarantee for your money which are estimated roughly around 2 million dollars.

This project will be done over three stages to reach the full view of the plan.. The first stage will need a total funding of 1.5 million dollars . I have 0.5 million dollars now. I will need about 1 million dollars for the first stage.

If the idea is acceptable from you we can discuss the project in details and I can send you the full Feasibility study for it

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Investment while basic loan possible
by: Bruno Koegler

Sir, I don't understand your logic, you own assets worth 2 M, need just 1 M to run the project, but asks external investment ? That's not logic, so, I see ( and lot of basic biz peoples will see same!) :

- something important is hidden (profitability less optimistic, market entry to SELL your stuff planned MUCH more difficult etc..

- or you overrate your assets (and can't get a ridiculous loan to value even not at LTV 50% ) lower is impossible)

If serious, please connect on a serious biz peoples network and let's talk later (I don't follow that post here)

By the way, I used to live near Montbeliard (France), know Holstein (Germany) well and have lots of friends who are still, like my parents, sister and cousin farmers :)

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