M.I.H.D. International Trade LTD - One Pager

by Michael Fezukaev

The M.I.H.D. Company Trading mainly with Wheat and Corn.
Business Summary: M.I.H.D. International trade ltd is a trader on the grain
market, and during a short period of time the Company continues strengthening
its positions on grain market. WWW.MIHD.RU
Product/Services: Grains ( Wheat and corn for human and animal consumption)
Customer problem: There is a great need to increase grain imports to Israel due
to population growth and the expansion of consumption of bread and feed for
livestock. It's the right time to find its niche in this noble business for the company
in Israel.
Target market: Sale of goods is in the Israeli market. Israeli flour mills, livestock
farms, medium and small traders. Scheduled implementation of 10,000 tons per
month, with option of increasing up to 15% in a first fiscal year.
Management: Under the management of the two cousins. Founder Michael
Fezulaev, and Co-Founder Michael Yosifov.
Customers: Israel is a fast growing country, with a permanent population growth.
We can safely say that the consumption of grain will grow. Today, Israel is in need
of 2 million tons of grain annually, and produces only 200,000 tons annually. The
rest is imported by foreign and Israeli companies.
Sales/Marketing strategy: Constant contact with customers, monitoring
markets. Offer high quality product with lower prices.
Business model: One cycle from purchasing to implementation is about 35
days. The required investment of about U.S. $ 2.5 million. The projected revenue
is about $ 300,000 from one cycle (35 days) We invite investors on the terms of
share participation.
Competitors: The main competitors are Israeli importers of grains Shtibel and Dizengoff. There are several foreign
importers also working on Israeli market.
Competitive advantage: Established warm relationship with the supplier and the port, we get high quality of the supplied
commodity, with lower price.

Company Profile:
URL: http://www.mihd.ru
Industry: Retailing / Distribution
Employees: 2
Founded: 2012-08-20
Michael Yakov Fezulaev
Financial Information (USD):
Company Stage: Full Product Ready
Previous Capital: $50,000
Monthly Net Burn: $15,874
Pre-money Valuation: $50,000
Capital Seeking: $5,537,240
Michael Fezulaev, Mr
Michael Iosifov, Mr
Lawyer: Yossi Elkarif, adv (Y. Elkarif & Co.
Accountant: Ofir Oni & Co. -C.P.A (Isr)
12 Gush-Etzion st.
Rishon LeZion, , 75350

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