Manufacturing of toilet papers in South Africa $650,000

by Silindelo Welcome Ngubane
(South Africa)

Ekuthukuzeni Area
P.O. Box 452
South Africa
07 April 2016

Dear Sir / Madam
I, Silindelo Welcome Ngubane the owner of Emsingeni Firm PTY (Ltd) I am hereby looking for assistance to you as investors, assist me with amount $650 000. The company based in manufacturing of toilet papers and cleaning services. Amount will cover to purchase manufacturing machines, land property, warehouse, start-up for business, hiring, business equipment and vehicles for distribution of our services.
I real need your assistant because I need to develop business skills, facilities and contribute to economic growth by creating jobs. Basically this was my dream from childhood to have my own business.
I was working as technical support officer and carrier guide but my contract ended year 2014 then I decided to enhance start my own business for manufacturing toilet papers. Year 2015 register my company because I was unemployed.
I’m a business minded through challenges I learn more tips how to run the business. Your response will be such a great honor because I’m looking forward to run the business.

For more information please contact me through this website, use the 'Contact Us' page and mention: Manufacturing of toilet papers in South Africa $650,000

Kind regards
Mr Silindelo Welcome Ngubane

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