Manufacturing of rail turnout and crossings

by Makhalemele josias phofi
(South africa)

My name is makhalemele josias phofi,an ambitious and energetic South african,i am 37 years old male

My interest is start a manufacturing of rail turnout,frogs and croosing in south Africa

My main and only main client to supply is Frieght rail company(Transnet)nationally

I have worked with these kind of job for a period of 10years(ten)

Therefore i know the line of operation very well,as well as machinary operation

e.g-cnc drilling maching
-cnc forest line cutting maching
-planner cutting machine
-saw maching(metal)
-milling maching and bendind maching
All these machinary,i have operated in my line of duty

Therefore i realy like to start my own manufacturing company in South Africa

Please provide me the process of application and any other requirement applications

Thank you
Mr mj phofi

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