At present manufacturing of LPG cylinder in India particularly in Tamilnadu

is a highly prospective and failure proof specifically considering the lab our

availability,power and water requirement for this project.This project is

conceived by my client who is already in the distribution and marketing of

internationally well-known company and joined hand with one more concern who

are hot repairing LPG cylinder from HP,BPC,IOC ETC with confirmed orders from

the above company.This project aimed to manufacture cylinders in Automatic

plant from foreign manufacturer. Cost of the project will be around 50 crore

land part my client will arrange in the industrial area. 100% finance can be

arranged all other works will be handled with quite experienced and expert

professionals to develop the project from shadow to real.Kindly inform any

possibilities are there to my mail id - rajasekarank46@gmail.com /kraajasekar@

yahoo.co.in or mobile no.9442431338 Thanks with warm regards.RAJASEKARAN.K

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