Lore Foundation - Working with people and their environment - A different model for assisting a poor rural community in Indonesia

by Bruce McKelvie
(Sydney, Australia)

many children in Lore are undernourished and consequently suffer learning disabilities

many children in Lore are undernourished and consequently suffer learning disabilities

We have developed a different and economically self-sufficient model for charitable work, community development and conservation. Our program, once established for a relatively modest amount, will become self-sufficient whilst building economic growth in a poor rural community, and without dependency on constant charitable fund raising.

The Lore district is in Lore Lindu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The district includes areas of the beautiful and extraordinary Lore Lindu National Park, which is one of the biologically richest and most diverse regions on Earth.

Our program has a number of objectives: To assist children who are undernourished, which leads to developmental problems including learning disabilities; including working with poor families providing extra food and assisting children with learning disabilities to learn basic maths, reading and writing.

We will set up local libraries. Books in the district are rare and consequently children, and adults, do not get to practice reading enough and subsequently literacy suffers. We will offer literacy and numeracy classes at the local community libraries, for both children and adults. The first of these libraries will be established in an old church building which has been offered to us by a local village.

We will also assist the elderly, many of who are also underfed. Poorer families find it difficult to adequately care for their elderly as focus is given to feeding and schooling children. We will provide basic medicines and extra food to the elderly in need.

We will also provide education on conservation, the need for national parks, which is not understood by the local people, and on appropriate use of forest resources to help reduce damage to the local national park rain forests and animal life.

To fund these programs we are seeking an initial block of funds, a portion of which we will use to establish rice farming. The proceeds for the rice farms will after the first 18 months then fund ongoing community development work as well as provide much needed employment in the district.

We will also develop local cottage industries such as eco-tourism and production of biomass biofuel pellets from agricultural waste products, which in turn will further create much local employment and further profit.


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