Looking investor or long term partner

by Milenko Dj.Vuletic
(Grundlsee/Bad Aussee/Austria)

I am creator of smart single and multiple games for ..

-- Mobile platforms : Android and IOS

-- Play and download online

-- Casino online and in-house

-- Playing sets production

-- Production of CD..

Two of my 3 single games are published on Google Play Store...



The world's one billion users Android phones and 0.1% ... of this number is attainable percentage ... in the next three years, which translates into money amounts to 1.5m euros (above you can see the application with the price which is reduced by Google percent) .. and now the two which gives x 2 .... it will be a third

Same calculate is for IOS (Iphone)

As you can see it is a single games that can be played as multiple games,, so are prepared for the website where it will be possible to play solo and in company..with 3 more games for 5 or 6 or 7 players
The site will operate according to the principle of free registration and consuming ..time limited confined to living arrangements .. which option is permanent and unrestricted use ..payable at a price of 5 euros in the next three years achievable million users .... where each of them on the internet site market.in case sales worth 10-12 USD.. it is one of the options after three years

The casino is also an option and represents a final phase where players offer each other height bet..a house as organizer takes a minimum percentage ... here is calculate impossibly but certainly a significant amount ... and no business risk .

What is my propose and offer?

.Part of the company and the right to profit as a percentage in which they made the deal and he will be from 20% to 80% ownership and profit ...
Price 20% 475 000 Euros ... 40% - 1,5M. and 80%.for 4M..from offer can be seen that want long-term partner with a stake of 20% company.. what the next three years to pay back your investment money plus 20% profits .. at the end of the sale then sets companies much larger than money now.. 20% of this amount ...also

It is possible that someone wants to buy everything now and that 80% would have to accept ... if it is a requirement of StarNet buyer.but would have to continue to work on the project because it would take to download and would unnecessarily lost the time ..

My company is registered as an LLC in USA.my commercial bank Oberbank-Austria..have a software company in India and a number of accompanying marketing companies around the world ..
Investment in marketing is planned to 100 thousand per year ... which is my responsibility and my job ...

I will do a classic tables Casino In-house .... organize Open tournament and a couple of championships ... and prepared the classic set ... similar to chess .... box in the form of a book with all the games in ... whose sale is taking place in a couple of Multiple Fair ..especial in Germany (Nuremberg and Essen)

A lot of business is planned between now and the next 6 months of updates piece by piece as planned ...
Calculated is the smallest amount of profit ... and more is even greater profits, which can not be excluded as a possibility ... ...

1. € 250 000-----€ 500 000
2. € 500 000-----€ 1 000 000
3. € 1 000 000---€ 1 500 000

In case you see your interest in all this, and you have free money to invest.be sure that the better job you can not currently invest .... as far as the relations and cooperation will be fully open, as in this work, all you can see ... there lies no deception ..

All of it are my intellectual property...and in attach you can see more regarding for my business..

Milenko Dj Vuletic

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