by Bufete Juridico Inmobiliario
(Mexico Distrito Federal)

We are seeking for an investment of $300,000 for homes remodeling project in Mexico City. Any transaction would be secured by an investment notarized agreement with collateral.
Option 1 - No Mortgage - earns 22% annually.
Option 2 - Mortgage - earn 11% per year.
You will receive at the end of each month during the year your profit in any of the two options mentioned, the ROI is on the 12th month.


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Project Funding, Business Loans & Bank Guarantee
by: Ron Collins

Are you an individual or business entrepreneur searching for risk capital, business angels, private investors, private capital, or venture capital for your company or business? Do you think of getting a Financial Help? Are you seriously in need of an urgent loan? DAVID HERLEY FINANCE HOME is a Private Money Lender specializing in the structuring of projects to synchronize them with funding sources to convert them into a successful reality. In DAVID HERLEY FINANCE HOME we give you fast and efficient responses for the enrichment and experience of your Project. Project Financing/Loans guaranteed to individuals or groups, with duration of not later than 10 - 20 years and a grace period of 12 additional months without any Loan Reimbursement. If you are interested in benefiting from our awesome financial plans kindly revert by sending an email or just a phone call for further information. DAVID HERLEY FINANCE HOME, Registered Office: 4093 Eastgate Drive Orlando; Florida, USA. Tel: +1 (321)-323-1809, Email: loans@dherleyfinancehome.net Skype: dherleyfinance

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