Looking for Investors for a Consumer Internet Technology (Elastic Coupon) Patent Monetization

by Ash Bose
(Tucson, AZ, USA)

Our company has invested in developing and patenting the "Elastic Coupon" technology which could disrupt the traditional keyword search based marketing paradigm in $100B Consumer Internet market.

We are looking for investors for marketing/licensing the "Elastic Coupon" patent related to e-commerce. The subject patent is an alternative to Generalized Second Price (GSP) auction method used by many search engine platform providers (Adword).

What is an Elastic Coupon?
An elastic coupon is a coupon whose value will be changed by the relative rank of the issuer and acceptor of the coupon in a list of service providers.

The rank of a service provider in the list is determined by real-time feedback received from real consumers in contrast to the bid value submitted by service providers in keyword auction method.

Please email to ashbose@asknshare.com, if you are interested.

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