Looking for Investors: 3 Oil Deals

by Norris Streetman
(Tulsa, OK)

Norris Streetman

Norris Streetman

Greetings friends! My name is Norris Streetman and I work full time finding buyers and sellers for various oil deals, and then acquiring the funding for those projects. Here are a few deals I have going on right now so that you can join in on the fun! Let's connect on LinkedIN, or email me at NorrisStreetman@yahoo.com

-We're looking for $16m for a acquisition of 38 oil-producing wells with working capital to rework the well and drill 10 more. The leases cover over 4000 acres and income is $4.3m.

-We also have a $400 mm dollar deal in the Arkoma basin that is a natural gas deal. Over 500 gas wells on 200,000+ acres.

-Lastly, we also have a $4.4m override deal in in the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas field in Texas. Encompasses 28 wells, 48 permitted wells, 10,000+ acres.

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