Looking for funds for Kribi real estate project

by OBA
(Kribi, South, CAMEROON)

Dear Sir,

We are seeking funds for our real estate project.

Welcome to kribi, tourist and industrial-port city located on the edge of Atlantic Ocean in the south of Cameroon(Central Adrica)! 6 out of 10 people live in precarious housing in urban areas.

Many people live in temporary structures, which require extensive upkeep and repair and are vulnerable to fire. Walls are typically made in back plate or inadequately constructed brick houses, and often crack causing leaks. Unconventional roof houses harbor numerous disease-carrying insects, such as malarial mosquitoes. Overcrowding exists in the majority of these houses, and lack of natural light and ventilation are common problems, causing illness and other problems.

With so many people living in poverty, substandard housing is an overwhelming challenge at a time when the town of kribi is preparing to start its deep-water port operation area.

The second challenge facing the city of kribi today is to offer decent housing to the large number of business owners, economic operators and employees of thousands of companies operating in the deep-water port area: SOADO is providing a factual answer to these two important concerns through this real estate project, which is supported by the Kribi people and the public bodies in charge of local development.

The State of Cameroon, through Law No. 2013/004 of 18 April 2013, has set up attractive conditions to promote and encourage foreign private investment.

Our project benefits from the sovereign guarantees of the State to benefit from these numerous tax and customs advantages if you decide to accompany us.
We are ready to provide the summary documents of the project, and remain at your disposal to provide further details.

You are Welcome to Kribi, Partner !!!

Germain OBA
Project Sponsor
Associate, General Manager

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website, mention "Cameroon Real Estate project Kribi"

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