Looking for funding in "GreеnLife" Luxury Residential Estate - Sofia,Bulgaria!

by Asen Vanchev

The investment project will be a luxury residential complex "GreenLife" (GL), that will be located on land with area up to 50 000 sq.m.,located at 23 km. from Sofia Downtown, in a quiet region with extremely clean air at the foot hills of the Stara and Lulin Mountains.
Our sales and marketing strategy with this project will focus on the growing demand for this type of prime residential property from managers and employees of foreign and domestic companies engaged and wanting to develop a successful business in our country and the region , officials of the global and European government and NGOs , intellectuals, show business celebrities and others.
All these groups of people looking for luxury real estate , as this investment project GL prefer them to be secured and guaranteed the following conditions :
1. Prestigious standard of living;
2. Comfort, luxury and security;
3. Natural environment enabling them greenery and fresh air.
4. Communications class .
5. Convenient location with easy access.
6. Functionality, quality, maintenance and hygiene.
7. Areas with secured parking lots and garages .
8. New development, meeting the European standards.
9. Recreation , sports and entertainment , including their children.
10. Appropriate environment , ensuring their comfort and their increasing human productivity.
Products in this investment project GL are intended to represent the following types of residential and non-residential areas, namely:
1. Apartment residential area - about 26,200 sq. m.;
2. Residential areas in single-family houses - about 17,600 sq. m.;
3. Residential areas, including areas for sports, leisure, recreation and administration - about 5000 sq. m.;
4. Underground parking - about 22,000 sq. m.;
5. Landscaped area - about 16,000 sq. m.;
6. Areas inside lanes and pedestrian areas - about 8000 sq. m.;

7. All deployed ground floor space in the complex are - about 48,800 sq. m.;

Specific products and services in the GL are intended to be:
1. Beautifully landscaped and space in the housing complex and around it;
2. Children playgrounds;
3. Lack of movement of cars within the housing complex on level 0 and the provision of underground roads, parking lots and garages for residents and guests;
4. Sports and spa center;
5. Restaurant and leisure and entertainment;
6. 24 hour security and safety, maintenance of common areas , control energy costs , etc.;
7. Perfect location , panoramic views of Lyulin Mountain and Stara Planina mountain;
8. Hairdressers, medical center , pharmacy , supermarket, dry cleaners and more;
9. Contemporary architecture and interior design eskterior , use of quality materials from leading companies in the industry , quality execution of works - you fully furnished client's choice residential areas;

1. Administration:
Will be done by now a dedicated company "VIP Property Management " Ltd. that will guide all personnel serving the ownership and management of the costs associated with the normal operation of residential complex;
2. Maintenance and management of technical installations:
Will be in support of the operation of the lights, elevators , underground parking and roads , paths, fountains and playgrounds , sports and spa center , restaurant. recreation and entertainment in the residential complex.
Maintenance and basic repairs to installations, technical systems , internal infrastructure and other common technical facilities , all of which intend to carry through the creation of its own qualified personnel outsourcing companies by type of activity or a combination of these things;
3. Providing 24 hour security of buildings and facilities and security of the occupants in the complex;
4. Ensure hygiene and cleaning service of common areas in housing estates and at the request of residents cleaning and occupied by them residential areas;
5. Gardening:
Care for the maintenance of green areas and plants within the housing complex and around it;
6. Reception and storage of mail to each of the owners and residents to its demand in the residential complex;
7. Rental of rooms , accommodation, employment control and accountability of free residential areas;
8. Accountability:
At the end of each reporting period is provided to owners and residents of the complex detailed statement of expenditure management;

If I succeed in your investment interest will expect to contact me and then I can give you more detailed information of the investment projects.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Manager investment project - manager@consulthouse.net

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