Looking for funding for purchase of existing Guest-RV ranch in Booming North Dakota



Rooms Inside room Deck behind rooms Restaurant/bar

I am currently seeking either a financial funding partner, JV partner, or Equity funding for the purchase of a 320 acre existing Guest-RV-Hunting ranch in the badlands of Booming North Dakota.

The ranch has a lease on an additional 2800 acres of government land which is rented out for 10,000 a year.

The property generated 750,000 gross last year and is NOT being used to its potential.

My goal is to purchase the property, add additional deluxe accommodations (23 current)and improved RV and camping sites, renovate existing restaurant and bar, renovate arena and stables, add livestock (horses) for rental, purchase, and offer for rental ski-mobiles and mountain bikes, and increase the profit greatly by turning it into a Shared Ownership (timeshare) property and place it into one, or more of the international exchanges.

I am seeking 6.5 to 7 million dollars to complete this venture.

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