Looking for Funding for creating an innovative Payments Hub for the Banking industry.


Business Case for our offering

Business Case for our offering

Business Case for our offering Background of Promoters Sector Analysis - details available on our website Current status of our business

The Problem Banks are facing
• Explosion in volume of electronic transactions.
• Increase in complexity of transactions.
• Increase in statutory compliance.

The Cause:
• Growing adoption of electronic payment mediums by account holders.
• Multiple, rapidly changing, and disparate payment channels.
• Stricter and fast evolving regulatory environment.

The Implication:
• Managing customer expectations.
• Managing technology systems and operational efficiency.
• Managing compliances.

The Solution: The BFSI Payments Hub (called R-Pay) is a multi-module solution to manage payment transactions that allows Banks to:
• Offer seamless and WOW user experience to their account holders/ customers.
• Manage scale and technology with high operational efficiency.
• Remain compliant.

The Outcome:
• Account holder/ customer stickiness, more revenue per customer.
• Reduced cost per transaction.
• Risk Mitigation.

The Opportunity:
• Addressable market size of INR 9000.00 mn.
• Demand driven by various RBI guidelines, stipulations, and mandates.

Achievements till date:
• Bagged 12 customers over past year.
• Close alignment with leading OEMs - IBM, Microsoft, Oracle.
• Market in West India largely mapped at Top level.
• Plans for mapping Rest of India.
• Extension of the Market - Insurance & Financial Services companies.
• Extension of the Market - Banks in A-PAC region year-3 onward.
• Extension of Solution - Managing non-payment transactions.

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