Looking for Equity Investors/ Partners to help us expand our EV business

by James Mote
(New Haven, Michigan, USA)

Executive Summary
Mote Powertrain is a spin-off organization of Mote Motor Company. Our Powertrain offers five years of uninterrupted power, with a five year warranty. But; regarding businesses that wish to be environmentally sensitive; as well as energy consumption wise; our recommendations is the Emmy2000 stand-alone unit. Mote Powertrain has identified three keys to its success. The first is the need to only offer solutions which are based on market demand. The second is to ensure that all of its offerings are based on economic justifications; the solution should make sense beyond the environmental considerations because it has long-term economic value.
Mote Powertrain will be targeting industrial and individual consumers. Mote Powertrain will work closely with several industries providing them environmental solutions to their manufacturing needs. This group is growing at 27% and there are many potential customers in the area. The second customer group is individual consumers; an environmentally conscious group that have sought out a provider, to help them implement their personal designs for their new or existing structure.
Mote Powertrain is an environmental energy supplier that offers a wide range of products, and services: such as Emmy2000 Powertrain, or Emmy2000 diversified standalone units, for renewable energy considerations.
Mote Powertrain will be led by the seasoned manager Ron Kyslinger. Ron received a degree in engineering studies, business. Ron has several years of work experience within the industry. Through a combination of excellent education and good work experience, Mote Powertrain management team will be able to successfully execute on its business plan.
Mote Powertrain has conservatively forecasted sales of $1,202,343 for year two, rising to $1,838,402 for year three. Net profit will be reached in the second year. Through a combination of a proven business model, a strong management team, and this comprehensive energy business plan to guide the organization, Mote Powertrain will be long lasting, profitable business.

It is Mote Powertrain mission to provide the finest green energy solutions for new generations as well as the existing generations. Through careful analysis, attentive customer support, and cost effective solutions, Mote Powertrain will become a stable business serving every community.

Keys to Success
Mote Powertrain has identified several keys to success that will be instrumental in creating a sustainable business. If these keys are followed, the likelihood of success will significantly increase.
1. Offer solutions that are demanded by customers.
2. Ensure all of the solutions have economic considerations built into the respective models.
3. Only provide 100% customer satisfaction. All customers must have their expectations exceeded.

Mote Powertrain has identified three objectives that it will pursue for the long-term success of the business:
•Proven cost-benefit analysis environmental approaches to structure building, maintenance and energy consumption.
•Become the premier environmental energy supplier in the country within five years.
•Reach profitability within two years.

Company Summary
Mote Powertrain is a Michigan-based corporation green energy company. Mote Powertrain offers its products both to individuals who are constructing new businesses as well as existing building owners/users that are looking to make their existing structure more environmentally sound, and energy efficient. We also supply to the automotive, robotic, and aerospace industries.

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More information?
by: Marc

Contact information? Website? It would be great to see a website in the presentation for example.
What kind of investment are you looking for?

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