looking for an investor to invest 30% to build a boutiq hotel at the beach view in maldives

by Mohamed Aslam
(Maldivees/ s.hithadhoo)

Boutique Beach Hotel

Island Name: Hithadhoo

Location: Addu Atoll, Maldives

Distance from Airport: from Gan international airport (15 minutes by a car)

Lease period: -

Size of the land required: 25,000 sq ft

Possibility of adding additional space: not to the land. But we can add another story to

Number of Rooms that can be built: 12medium size elegant villas facing to the beach at the sun set. 1 restaurant a shisha bar, and a main pool.

Construction Period given: 1 year Maximum

Government annual rent: As per the regulation of Maldives. Rent payable to the
Government depends on the size of the land.

Nearest Island Resorts: Shangri-La resort Villingili

Proposal for opening a boutique resort in Maldives
The hotel will have 12 elegantly designed guest rooms facing to the sea view, with an open grill restaurant + a shisha bar.
Additional revenue
• Diving
• Excursions
• Water sports.
• Food & Beverage


Sunset Fishing
This is a very traditional way of fishing on which you will be using just hand lines & tuna baits. A Dhoni will transport you to one of the best fishing reefs, where the boat crew will assist you in baiting hook and lines in pursuit of the catch. It is truly a fantastic way in which to spend a few hours in the evening. With this activity you will be able to witness the beauty of sunset and as well as the opportunity to improve your fishing skills and boasts to others about the size of your catch. Your catch will be served next day Lunch at our restaurant, USD 10/- per person + 10% Service Charge will be charged for preparation
Night fishing
An activity similar to Sunset fishing but done after dinner. The calmness of the nature at the middle of the sea will feel you relax as you enjoy your fishing. Fish being caught can be served at our Restaurant on the following day at the price of USD 10 per person + 10% Service Charge for preparation.
Snorkeling Safari
Join the snorkeling safari which will take you to the best reefs around Addu' Atoll where you can explore the wonders of the underwater world. The surrounding waters are abundant with the most amazing marine life. You will be amazed as you swim alongside turtle, sting rays, and other sea creatures of sea life.
Trolling Fishing
This is an early morning fishing activity; a morning breakfast will be served by our team members while sailing. Trolling fishing equipments will be provided by our team members and will assist you as you start in this adventurous activity. Fish that can be caught are Yellow - Fin Tuna, Sail fish, Wahoo and Barracuda. During this activity u may see dolphins if you are lucky. To have a momentary look at this memorable experience as you went back to your home don't forget to bring your camera with you.
Local Island Tour
This adventure will help you to have more insights of real Maldivian Way of Life, wherein you can see the traditional houses built out of coral stones, a chance to take a glance with the mosque and schools. During this adventure you will be able to communicate and meet new friends. During the visit, there will be lots souvenir shops in the island where you can buy souvenirs as a present for your family and friends as you go back to your home.
Sun Set Fishing With BBQ
Join us on our sunset fishing and beach barbeque. After the trip enjoy a BBQ on our beach.
Full Day Excursion
Full day excursion will fulfill a memorable experience during your holiday. By means of a traditional Dhoni the following activities will be done:
1. Snorkeling on two of the best reefs in the area
2. Visit a deserted island where a barbecue lunch will be served on the beach and also you can sunbathe and swim in the lagoon

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