Looking for a hand

by iskander
(malaga,andalucia, spain)

Hello i am looking for £10,000 in order to get my idea investment ready. I need to gather data and have proof that it will turn a profit also help with putting a proper business proposal together. I currently live in a religious temple as a volunteer in Malaga and have no cash flow of my own.

Ok so the company will be a media production company with the aim to provide mental stimilus for those with mental illness but really anyone can use. I have a strong network of filmakers available and will lookto set a subsription fee to my product of $1 per year. There 100s of millions of potential clients but i need ten grand to get roughly 60 category specific films made world wide and promote for 6 months and show there is a demand i will give away a lifetime free subscription service at first to gather awareness and build a list of clients i can use to promote my product for me. word of mouth is the best advertising.

I offer 1% in return for the funding which i hope to use to put together a £100,000 investment pitch for angel investors for 5% of the company with a further 3 investment rounds to follow within the next 3-5 years. 3-5 years is how long it will take to place the company in profit and i belive that by year 7 i will have 10mil subscribers which will mean your investment should return you $100,000 by year 7.

I am in Malaga ATM living but am a British citizen. I would love a face to face with someone if possible.



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