Looking for $30k USD seed money for car importing to New Zealand

by Tony Wall
(Dunedin, New Zealand)


"Success at sales. I want to up the game to car importing. need $30k USD For seed money for 2 Cars"

My name is Tony from New Zealand I have had success in sales with trade me (new Zealand ebay) and want to up the game to larger products rather than upping my volume of products sold to make a greater amount.

I have researched the market and found that I can both get both good deals and sell for a profit with car importing. I aim at getting you 10% return on investment per car flipped. And this can be done within months, not having to wait one year on the great 10% return.

With the proposal I have no capital of my own to put into this but will manage the whole deal, sourcing, licensing, government approval, doing sales tax, shipping, pre-checking by inspector before shipping and when it's in the country, repairs if needed and selling. I have relationships with a-grade mechanics in my home town and a brother who is a major player in the new Zealand professional car performance scene who runs a top NZ workshop and has imported before, and is the go-to guy for any problems for the best car people in the country. I have his advice anytime I need it.

My history is in sales and marketing and in business coaching. So I know how to sell, and what sell for a good profit margin, I know the demand for different cars through my ability to research through quality sources.

This is a limited opportunity I'm only looking to use an investor to invest now $30K and maybe reinvest again a couple of times until I have the enough of the capital reinvested (from my profit portion) to afford to do this on my own. If things go great and we both want to try higher value range vehicles and see if we can do well there too, then it can be something we can look at doing together later on after fully being set up and doing well with this $15-$25KNZD (Selling price) range. I believe this is the sweet spot but if keen on trying the higher price car range we can always see how things go first then look at it later.

Just for now I ask if someone would help me with the first $30K to be spent on getting two cars into my country, fully compliant, and sold and this new aspect of the sales business with higher range products started off and running like a champ!

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