Long range wireless charger

by Irshad Saly
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)


My name is Irshad and I'm the founder and CEO of Kinetic Reserve Pvt Ltd, A company based in Sri Lanka. I'm writing this message to introduce my invention and our company. We have discovered the wireless solution for longer distance using magnetic resonance. I have mentioned some details briefly. If you're interested, I will send a complete business plan and demo of our product next week. We have achieved the wireless charger that no other company has reached. I'm looking for $1.5 Million dollar investment.

About us

We are a startup company called Kinetic Reserve Pvt Ltd, based in Kurunegala, and with the brainchild of Irshad Saly, We have developed a innovative long-range wireless charging solution. We have succeeded with our prototype for 2-meter radius distance to charge any electronic devices. Our vision is to provide 10-meter charging in nearest future. We use magnetic resonance as the source of technology and it's completely safe. In short time frame and with Only 2 engineers, We have achieved and found the secret of the wireless power transmission technology. The main secret is the distance, Efficiency, and safety. We have passed all these obstacles.

Product Features:

Magnetic resonance is a resonant and non-radiated wireless energy transfer. Not to be confused with Inductive charging, Magnetic resonance works for longer distance, charge multiple devices and ability to penetrate through any barriers. We use at a 3MHZ frequency and receiving energy efficiency is over 70%. You can place multiple transmitters in your room and still charge your devices without worrying about health issues. The coverage will be at a 360-degree angle, so you will enjoy the freedom to charge your device by sitting or walking.

Why are we different?

Every problem has a solution, I have been digging the solution for the past 2 years for this technology. The secret is the geometry, frequency, and other elements. Most universities and research institution stick to one method without thinking that there is another way to bring a product to success.

Who is our market?

Wireless is the next big thing, We can integrate our solution for a coffee shop, restaurant, hotels, airports, vehicles, residence and electronic devices. I also have a plan to implement wireless charger for Electric vehicles to charge in long range and on demand.

I'm happy to show a demo of our product and if you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please contact me through the "Contact Us" page of this website. Mention: "Long range wireless charger"

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