Logistics & Recruitment Software project

by Darren West
(Bristol, UK)

SysTEMP is an online temporary worker and job management system designed to alleviate compliance management issues that occur within the Temp Labour industry.

We have recognised with recent legislation changes to temp labour supply, the administrational burden placed on all agencies, but particularly small to medium sized business is excessive to the point of breaking.

SysTEMP is designed to be marketed to temp labour supply agencies in all supply sectors and reduce the administrational burden whilst reducing risk exposure, delivering best practice and due diligence. But is particularly targeted at small to medium size agencies that feel that legislative admin burden more.

SysTEMP differs from all other market products as it not only focuses on Temp labour supply, but delivers a level of compliance management that to date is unprecedented in the software market.

Once marketed, we intend to continually improve the product and incorporate a CRM, reporting suites for performance management and much more.

We are offering on an equity basis of 25% for £225k investment over 2 years

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Business development,
by: Ferid

we feel interested to know further about your investment proposal, thank you to send us your executive summary for our review info_bravo@topnet.tn // feridismail@gmail.com
Kind regards,

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