by Wendy Johnson
(Nassau, Bahamas)

ADIF Loans,
Director of Finance
Known as Mr. Mahatma G (the name may be a false name)

Dear Sir,

Please cease from making calls to me for you have no business to be calling me at anytime anymore. We have no business dealing at hand. You advertise a Loan Offer service scam advertisement on the internet. Then you create a phony agreement and payment plan to make it look real. You take possession of people international identifications to approved the loan. Charge 10% of the loan upfront for internet charges and processing fees without delay. My charge was $130.00 for loan of $1,300.00. Have the customer pay an agent in Nigeria name Uche Unaeze, 14, Airport Road Edo State, Nigeria-West Africa, with test question and answer and MTCN number at any western union location. To whom you claim you don't know of that name and yet you could confirm that you received funds. After receiving funds you confirm that payment was received and you will proceed. Then you come back to the customer by phone conversation claiming that you need more money to proceed with transaction. One hundred dollars more to be exact and to send the monies again to the same Nigerian agent in Nigeria. Now you have no more excuses why the customer can't received their monies. You then continue to stall the customer and turn around and exposing your improperness to your customers because you already have their money and figure you will get away with this. Ask the customers to give you their banking information to transfer money from another customer to my bank account that I use that money and pay western union for that customer for you to get your money because customer identification was expired. $100.00 from that customer to be exact also. You did not get it through me. Then when your request do not work. You state in your loan agreement to the customer, to request how they would want their monies to be sent to them. Knowing that you are not delivering any monies via wire transaction or check and, God forbid if the check is no good. You play this all day with one customer to the next. You ask the customer for their banking information and also their personal online banking password and user name. That you can have access to their account and see how you can transfer monies from their account if they have it. No wire transfer process information need a person personal online banking user name and password. After you did not get this out of me. You claim you are testing the transfer I have never heard such foolishness in all my life coming from a online Loan service provider and the man claims to be the director of finance. (You must have purchase your degree in Africa) Still you cannot produce the loan. and you would not return the customer their monies they paid for this loan. You continue to call me to HARASS ME and asking me lend you money to be exact $75.00, and saying that you love me. (Mr. Don't ever try that with me again, because I don't want no love words from you) so you can verify, that you will pay me back in the loan. And lying to me that you would give me more money for my distress and for the delays. Because you thought you if you tell me this lie then I would be happy to give you more money . I told you I would expose you and you setup a man fronting to be Nigerian Police Office to get information from me. to find out what I have on you. YOU HAVE SCAM ME AND LIKE I SAID I WILL EXPOSE YOU. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BECAUSE YOUR NAME MAY NOT BE YOUR ACTUAL NAME. We have no business relations, like I said to you before and I will say it again. Whatever you have to say to me, you say it via email. You cannot produce my loan therefore you should return my money back to me.
Now I think I pretty much expose you and lets see how the authorities are going to find you.


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