Loan or equity for hotel in Serbia

by Ljubomir

Dear Sir,
I want you to know that I am an individual.I do not have available funds.I work as a project manager in tourism industry.
I need a loan or equity investment for hotels company HTP Fontana in Vrnjacka Spa acquisition and building one new hotel in Kladovo, Serbia.
I have intention to buy this hotels company in Vrnjacka spa and to build one new hotel in Kladovo Serbia. I am in a tourism industry for 12 years but if I get a loan or equity, I will engage a whole management team from hotels company Savath hospitality. Also, if I buy this hotels company, I would receive a grant of 1,5 million euro from Serbian government and they will allow me 2 years without paying any taxes and additional 7.000 euro per each new employee . If we talk about loan I need 45.000.000,00 euro on 15 years with 3 years grace period. I should start with repayment in 2018 and I want to make repayments 2 time per year.

Also, if you want to ask me anything, please do not hesitate to call me on +381601656066, whenever you want.
With respect!

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