Lean Snack- The original functional food in a liquid form- * Global Opportunity - $250-$500k

by Eric Goodman/Robert St Laurent
(Boston Ma)

Designs on Fitness/DOF, originally a consulting outfit with a continuing mission of helping people find ways to live better, recently formulated an innovative and exciting chocolate drink mix called "Lean Snack." Our versatile drink not only tastes great in both cold water and chilled black coffee or unsweetened iced tea, but has functionality for women and men alike. Its primary role is a snack for holding one over between solid meals, while fulfilling common goals of weight management, greater energy and long-term health with its unique formula. It replaces what's missing in the typical American diet (green tea and 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables, for example). And it enables people to better discipline their eating habits for better long-term weight control and health promotion.

Snacking is where most people stumble in their daily regimens, as evidenced by the large number of today's Americans now searching for healthier options.

At the Natural Products Expo 2010 in Boston, industry experts had never seen this combination of designer ingredients in a whole food liquid form (first differentiation of many). In fact, our company and new product were featured in the January 2011 issue of the popular industry magazine Vitamin Retailer regarding hot new weight management products for last year.

In terms of business relationships, we have fostered an alliance with the Boston Sports Clubs chain of health clubs where we've received very positive feedback during tasting events. DOF has also been working closely with Bentley University utilizing student interns as product ambassadors, having been featured on a student informational panel alongside Kraft Corp., the Boston Celtics and Converse shoes.

Presently, we are preparing for test marketing opportunities with the Whole Foods Company . The product is currently being retrofitted into single-serve packets, which will come five to a carton. It will likely wholesale for $6 and retail for between $8 and $10, though price point has yet to be finalized.

We are also actively involved in generating export opportunities for Lean Snack, as its many attributes certainly have global appeal, as well. We are working with three different brokers at the moment, one of which a seasoned Canadian import/exporter, and another that has in-country agents spread over 25 different nations. This latter company also has connections to the American military market, for which we're told our product also has leanings.
What's more, there is great potential in the many niche markets that exist for a product like ours. For example, the corporate, health club, cruise ship/airline, bridal, beauty/spa, and specialty coffee industries have yet to be penetrated, though we continue to generate many leads in these areas.

In short, we have been and continue to be proactive in generating exposure for our product at a grass roots level, and have formulated a careful marketing plan for moving the product forward. Again, we can outline this plan and its funding requirement upon further discussion.

Our product is made in a USA cGMP compliant facility and is free of harmful and artificial additives.

Lean Snack is the ideal matrix for a lite meal/snack replacement, and transforms plain iced coffee or tea into a delicious specialty drink for potential category expansion as a specialty food.

When you have time, please review our web site www.leansnack.com.

We are looking in the range of $250-$500k as the first level/round until we reach certain milestones.

Upon interest, We would be more than happy to send our Executive Summary and Business Plan forward. As mentioned... we have an excellent connection with Whole Foods and one of our major focuses will be to expand within the whole company.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to talking further.

Eric Goodman- Executive Director
Designs On Fitness,Inc- Makers Of LeanSnack
phone: 781-812-4928
www.socomagazine.com May 2012 pg 71-73
www.vitaminretailer.com Jan 2011 pg 36-38

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