Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt #1 Comic Book

by Raymond Mullikin
(San Luis Obispo, CA, USA)

What the actual comic book looks like!

What the actual comic book looks like!

What the actual comic book looks like! Sample Art Sample Art Sample Art

The Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt series tells the story that takes place in the fantastical planet of Weralt. The world was once protected my a mysterious beings called the Quacki. They protected the inhabitants of the world (humans, hawkoids, pelishtees, etc.) from the monsters that lurk in the shadows of night.

The world was a much more beautiful place back then...

But one day the Quacki disappeared. Without their guidance or protection, the peoples of the world fought amongst themselves. And the monsters came out of hiding and ravaged the lands.

The world of Weralt became a much darker place. The world is in need of a hero. Now, more than ever...

Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt #1 takes place over a thousand years after the Quacki disappear and introduces us to the main character of Jonathin Quackup. Jonathin Quackup has spent around 5 years of his life wandering the lands (between the Pelishtee and Human borders) protecting the peoples from all sorts of villains and monsters.

Jonathin Quackup lives a hard life. After a couple of pages of action, in which he rescues a child from a Frickle invader, he stops to ponder how his life became this way.

This leads to a flashback to when he was a young kehseb herder (kehsebs are a lot like sheep) and he has a different name... Jonathin Yoawb. He is a hawkoid of the Yoawb clan. We see him watching over the kehsebs with his brother, Asa.

When a corrupt hawkoid overlord goes after his cousin Taeheed, whose rising popularity has made the overlord jealous, Jon and his family are forced to leave their homes. They make a long trek to the land of the Pelishtee cats.

The ruler of the Pelishtees, Prince Awkeesh, allows them to stay... But only on the condition that they help fight of any invading Skincrawler cats. (The skincrawlers are tribes of nomadic cats that loot and plunder the hawkoids, pelishtees, humans, and other groups in the area.)

In this issue, Jon and his family face war and tragedy. And Jonathin will soon discover the hero inside himself. Literally.

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