Joint Venture into Africa, no funding required

by Jimmy Hope
(South Africa)

I am looking for a JV with an established company or experienced person in engineering in Africa. the company/person must have the contacts and capabilities to obtain quotes or have contacts in the engineering field. I have workshops, capabilities and experience on rotary kilns, ball mills, furnaces and mining.

if there is someone with the contacts and capabilities then we can discuss a joint venture that is beneficial to all parties concerned.

there is no initial funding required, all that is required is someone to do the marketing in Africa and a commission will be paid as per the agreed contracts that will be put in place.

My workshops are able to fabricate or do machining of most items. my company is an is ISO 9001;2008 accredited and my website is,

interested parties can contact me at
The division within A&R Eng looking to branch into africa is A&R Rotary Technologies Division.

Africa is the fastest growing market in the world and there is loads of opportunities to be had in the engineering field.

The company has been around for more than 20 years and wants to reap the benefit of the African market. To do this we need the assistance of someone with working knowledge of the other African countries. We are capable of completing full turnkey projects.

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