Joint Venture for construction of Smart ,Energy Independent and Passive Houses.

by Salik Farber
(White Plains,New york)

We are looking to start to build smart ,energy independent and passive houses.
The market we are aiming first is that of the people working in Manhattan and looking to build a family and not willing or unable to buy an apartment that will cost around 4/5 million.
Our houses will be located until 45 minutes train ride from Manhattan will provide two garages that even paying the 4/5 million our potential customers don't get and will be build with a new air treatment system that mixes HRV with geothermal,glass walls around one side of the house using a patented three panel glass walls that blurs at touch or computer controlled.More perks at the house not available at the houses currently build all over the USA.
Our project based on the Data of the New York State department of labor has conditions for a fast growth and the current events in the real estate segment around and in Manhattan just stresses that we can really grow fast.As the features are unique we will be able after the first year to reach a ROI of around 100% when in the new house construction segment reaching 24 % would be an excellent number.
If interested send me a message at and we can proceed with all the documents necessary to understand this project.
We are looking for a Joint Venture as the need of capital to buy old houses or land is a must and the volume to start is of 30 million.


Salik Farber.

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