Join a sustainable lifestyle on a superb Permaculture site!

by Jan Steinman
(Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada)

EcoReality building complex, from nearby Mt. Maxwell.

EcoReality building complex, from nearby Mt. Maxwell.

EcoReality building complex, from nearby Mt. Maxwell. Walking tour site map. Work party, preparing vegetable starts in the greenhouse. EcoReality site (just right of centre) in context of the Fulford Valley.

Established organic farm co-op seeks partners to help work the farm and build and live on the property. This 43 acre property in growing zone 8+ features cleared, irrigated fields on Class 2 (second-best) soil, two streams with water licenses on each, 12 acres of young forest, and easement to a 2 acre, 50 million liter reservoir on adjacent 61 acre community farmland.

3.6 acres are newly deer-fenced, and hold an expanding market garden and food trees. The other fields are currently in hay. Food trees include heritage pear trees, apple, filbert, and wild cherry, as well as lots of blackberries and other wild fruits. Current operations and plans include CSA market garden, goat dairy, eggs, medicinal herbs, value-added artisanal food, wildcrafting, and biodiesel production.

This beautiful site backs 1,400 acres of wild public parkland, protecting the watershed of the streams. Two houses with beautiful mountain views total nearly 4,200 sq ft.

The nearby village of Ganges has full services, including hospital, library, police, schools, supermarkets, and other services. A public bus system stops at the end of the driveway. The ferry to provincial capital Victoria is just 3.5 km away. High-speed Internet is available.

Our plan is for an additional eleven units of naturally-built co-housing for collaborative farmers who would work this land and the adjoining 61 acre community farmland site. This sort of development is encouraged by the island’s Official Community Plan and its elected officials, and we see nothing standing in the way except the time needed to assemble the right combination of people.

About $250,000 (Canadian) — about half the current cost of an acreage with dwelling here — will cover your share of land and cost of a new natural-built dwelling. Higher funding levels will enable community construction of more dwellings, building momentum so that some funding can be recouped as new member-shareholders join.

Download a Google Earth file here, which will allow you to "fly through" the site and the surrounding area:,%20Google%20Earth%20view.kmz

Download a two-page fact sheet here:,%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf

A five-year business plan and current P&L and Balance Sheet are also available.

Contact Jan Steinman at Jan AT EcoReality DOT org for more details, or phone 250-653-2024.

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