IWN-Intelligent Wireless Networks Inc.- INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY

by Steven C. Davis

Intelligent Wireless Networks, Inc. is selling stock in our company to fund our exponential growth.

Company overview:
We design, build, monitor and maintain our proprietary wireless networks in the agriculture and entertainment venue industries. Our networks bridge the gaps left behind in rural communities and high density gathering spots. While the tech world works frantically on the newest application and device for wireless use, they continue to overlook the need for robust networks that these gizmos and gadgets operate on. Its like a Ferrari that is out of gas and the surrounding gas stations are out of fuel as well. The Ferrari is rendered useless. IWN is the gas, the gas station! Have you ever wanted to own the component that makes the world go round? Well here is your chance!

Investment opportunity:

Seeking: $3.5 million in funding

Expansion; our product has been proven at the largest EDM festival in the world this year in Las Vegas with the largest entertainment company in world. It has also been proven in the agriculture industry in the heart of the $45 Billion farming industry in California in association with the USDA, City of Fresno and IBM. It works and the demand is so high we must expand and go global.

In September our CEO will be speaking at the World Agri-Tech Summit in London. Our products, BRAIN (Broadband Regional Agriculture Infrastructure Network) and iNET(Intelligent Network Entertainment Technology) are going into new countries which means high yields for shareholders.

Currently valued at $1.00 per share with a one time allowance of $.75 per share for this round. Once we close this round the investment will never again be offered at this price.


Structured to offer a public sale of stock or be sold.

For more information and a complete business plan please contact:

Steven C. Davis
visit us at www.intelligentwirelessnetworks.com

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