Italianation - Content driving Commerce

by Anthony
(New York)

Italianation is an English language, multi-platform content and commerce company targeting Italian-Americans and Americans with no Italian blood who are interested in this rich cultural tradition. Italianation will be distributed via: new media video portals, premium Subscriber Video On Demand SVOD channels on cable, satellite and telco systems and other means. Italianation’s anchor is an innovative, state-of-the-art Piazza website, complete with interactive video and e-commerce. Content distribution and e-commerce will also be offered on mobile and new emerging media. Italianation is currently in final negotiations with major cable providers to launch the SVOD portion of our business model. We are in the process of securing our full funding but bridge and convertable investment opportunities (starting at $25,000) are available. For a feel of our content visit

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