Investor needed to fund patent and production of a new design High Definition TV antenna in the Philippines

by Gerald S. Ortiz
(Cebu City, Philippines)

Flat Indoor Type

Flat Indoor Type

Flat Indoor Type Powerful Outdoor Type

I am looking for an angel Investor to fund a newly develop Indoor and Outdoor High Definition Digital TV Antenna to be mass produced and marketed in the Philippines especially to the areas affected by the strongest Typhoon ever recorded which damaged more than 1.1million houses and buildings. As rehabilitation and reconstruction is still on-going, it’s high time to introduce the product in the market.

There are over 15 million households with Television in the Philippines and only 15% are cable subscribers. Every year a strong typhoon hits the Philippines and its frequency is increasing thus more people are buying antennas every year to replace those damaged. An investment of 15,000 to 25000 U.S. Dollar is needed to purchase machines, equipments, components, materials and packaging. A 30% share on gross sales is proposed. ROI will be between 9 to 12 months.

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Investor needed to fund patent
by: Anonymous

The new design of high definition TV includes the most advanced technologies which was done perfectly according to the recent times. for any sort of patents are preferred to be the best one.

Creative Designing
by: Ibrahim Sheikh

Well its a new technology in this era. The antenna has a fabulous Design and was very decent cause it is made for indoor use only. Designer working hard to design this concept.

by: Anonymous

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by: Aleena

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I am an Investor
by: Anonymous

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by: Anonymous

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