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An Ongoing work of diligence and accuracy

We would like to tell you how we prepared our own investor database. At the same time we want to let you know that we have created  a service to use this tool to get funded.

In order to find funding, an up-to-date investors database is an absolute requirement.

Our offer is very economical, and we really think that we over deliver. So feel free to take a look at how to use the service and what we charge.

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Keep on reading to find out how we put together our unique and exclusive Investor Databas.

Database dynamics:

Building a investors database is a work of Herculean proportions. It has taken many years to build our investor database. With over 80,000 records, well-maintained and updated, it is comparable to a masterpiece of a craftsman or artist.

A work of patience and accuracy:

Company information changes constantly. Companies re-brand, their domain names change and they hire new employees. Sometimes companies merge or are bought by others. Requests and exchanges for information are labor intensive. An investor database is 'live' when it is kept updated and is well-maintained.

New companies emerge all the time. Others disappear, some go bankrupt, domain names send mailer daemons, etc. Following up and keeping up is a priority.

After many years of doing this detailed and patient gathering of information, our investor database has become what it is now: unique and accurate.

Personal PR and outreach:

We visit investor conferences (click to read about an investor forum), we receive business cards, and we add more people to the database. We have a large network of personal relations.

Massive data management:

The market gets researched continuously. Some of that work happens in-house, some of it is being outsourced. Investors don't have extra time to keep us updated. We have to update our investors database by ourselves.

Message delivery:

When sending information to companies and investors, it is of major importance to personalize these communications. Sending an email to ‘info@company’ is not good enough.

Thousands of email responses are generated by our newsletter, dedicated email communications and each and every investment proposal. Some of these responses can be processed in bulk, but some need to be responded to individually and manually. This is one of the reasons why this work is very time consuming.

Receiving the email or other form of correspondence in a personal way makes a world of difference. It is really essential how messages are written, composed and delivered.

The right software:

With the right software we can deliver regular personalized messages to decision makers in a professional manner. This means that in each company every significant individual receives an individual email.

Quality and Diversity:

Our investor database is global. Investors are present in every country of the world, in every shape and form. Many of these investors operate internationally and are not limited by borders. We include angel investors, venture capital investors, startup funding companies, high net worth individuals, financial intermediaries, corporate development executives, even government administrations (government grants for small business, government loans such as sba loans, sba lenders ...) and grants database contacts (many corporations have grants programs).

It is obvious that there are many advantages for our clients. There are few restrictions because of location or situation. Example: for clients in emerging economies, it may be the only option to get exposure to investors to look abroad for startup funding.

Many individual brokers, consultants or agents are restricted by their locations and only have very limited sources for investments. They simply have no means to provide global access with their limited resources. They need to work the social networks to attract investors’ interest.

"Investors have no time to scour the social networks..."

Getting noticed:

Investors have no time to scour the social networks. They usually don’t lack sufficient deal flow. Their time is filled with more important work. The only way to reach them is by being introduced by someone they know and trust. Lots of good business happens by referral and/or special introduction. A good deal of our database has been constructed this way.

When they receive personal messages on their i-Phones or ‘Outlook’ e-mail, they need to know that the source is known and dependable, that the quality is there, and that it is worth their time to look at it. Investors are people who get moody or upset when they are being taken for a ride or when their time is wasted. They do let us know what they look for, how they want it delivered, and when, and why, they don’t like it.

The final result:

We don't know all of them personally; however, we do know quite a few. More importantly, they know us. We know that they check our messages. We do get responses all of the time. Over the years they have made certain issues very clear. Now we have built a reputation, we are being recognized and we are 'allowed' to communicate.

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